Collegeville, PA

Meet Our Highly Experienced Dog Trainer in the Collegeville Area


Amy D'Annunzio

Amy has been with Buck’s Dog Training for one year and has always had a love and passion for dogs. Amy has 18+ years of varied experience working with dogs such as dog sitting, fostering, and training.

She also has completed multiple certifications pertaining to the care and wellbeing of animals.

Amy has learned a lot while working at Buck’s Dog Training with head owner Nicole Buck. She has thoroughly enjoyed being able to teach dogs how to have better temperaments, listening skills, and overall how to become better pets and companions for their families.

The training tip she offers is: “Hard work and patience is the key to success. Not every dog is perfect but when you set in place the appropriate techniques for them to achieve goals, their accomplishments will speak for themselves.”

If you wish to have your dog trained by me, please contact me via email at or call our toll-free number 1-888-995-5355

Phone No: (215) 859-8688